Cost of Long-Term Care 

    • What is the average annual cost of nursing home care in Rhode Island?  Over $114,972                                                                                   
  • Does Medicare cover the costs of skilled long-term nursing care beyond 100 days? No, it doesn’t

Long-Term Care Insurance is very expensive and may not fully cover your needs and not everyone qualifies.

Cost of Long Term Care

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Don’t lose all the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate over your lifetime on long-term care; a Medicaid Qualifying Trust can help you preserve your home and your assets.

You can preserve your assets for your spouse or future generations by transferring them into a Medicaid Qualifying Trust at least five (5) years prior to the need for long-term skilled nursing care.

You will be able to fully enjoy your life and assets now while having the peace of mind that comes with being fully prepared for the potential need of costly care in the future.

Plan Ahead

Emergency Planning

  • While it is best to prepare as early as possible, there are plenty of solutions for people who do not have five years to plan ahead for their long-term care costs.
  • There are several exceptions to the Medicaid asset transfer rules, and there are other ways that we can help you protect your assets before entering into private long-term care or applying for Medicaid.

Start Protecting Your Assets


Hi, I’m attorney Matt Leonard. Do we need to talk?

        • Are you concerned with spending your entire life savings on nursing home and medical bills?
        • Do you want to ensure you pass to your family the maximum amount of assets you earned in your lifetime?
        • Are minimizing costs and easing the burden of transferring assets after you pass something you are concerned with?
        • Do you want to make sure your family and doctors understand what your final wishes are for your care and life prolonging decisions?
        • Do you need to APPLY FOR MEDICAID Benefits for you or a loved one?

If you answered YES to any of the above. Schedule a time to meet with me and discuss your Estate Plan and goal ways to protect your assets. There will be no cost for this initial consultation unless you choose to pursue planning.

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